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MDT2010: Deployment Scenarios

I’ve been asked a few times, which task sequence template to use? Well, when planning your deployments, you should first consider the usage of your task sequences. There are 4 task sequence usage scenarios in MDT 2010, they are New Computer, Refresh, … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Deployment: Volume Activation Videos

One important aspect of deploying Windows 7 and Office 2010 is activating the products. The actual process is straightforward, but understanding the technology properly requires a little investment in time. I’ve added a few videos below to get started. Windows 7 … Continue reading

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MCTS: 70-669 – Desktop Virtualization – Exam Video Links

Now that I’ve passed the exam MCTS: 70-669 – Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization I thought I’d share some of the videos that I found useful in my studys. These videos are freely available and mostly on Technet. Deploying and … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Sample customsettings.ini for Fully Automated LTI Deployments

I get a lot of requests for articles on various deployment techniques. One reader yesterday asked for an example of a customsettings.ini file. samburattoSam said: Hey, Thanks for the Blog. Alot of helpfull stuff. Can you show us an example of a … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Creating Task Sequence Step Conditions with Using WMI Queries

This is the last in a series of articles about Task Sequence Step Conditions. For those not frighted away by the title, I’ve simplified it as much as I can.. We’re going to use the WMI Query Language (WQL) to … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Create a Lite Touch Deployment USB drive (again!)

I wrote a blog a few weeks back on this subject that used Diskpart. This method is a little easier and without the backing music. Download and install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool then insert your USB pen and launch the … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Managing Packages

Deploying packages in MDT is very straightforward. Simply import them into the Packages node within the deployment workbench and by default they will be installed during the deployment process. You can use selection profiles to control these and ensure that … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Check for Virtual Machine using Task Sequence Conditions

This is one of a series of blog posts showing examples about executing task sequences steps based upon certain deployment conditions. This post shows how to check for a Virtual Machine using conditions within a task sequence. Issue: In the past, one issue I … Continue reading

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SCCM 2007: Managing Drivers

I’ve been working at Salford Council today performing a Microsoft Desktop Deployment Workshop. Great guys there, very strong techies and have a broad spectrum of experience. They’ve implemented MDT, SCCM, App-V, Lync, Direct Access etc. all well configured so there wasn’t much … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Configuring the Telephony API (TAPI)

Dialup is not so widely used these days, however with all the recent hacking going on it may be safer to make a secure direct connection. If you’re configuring dial-up manually or using the unattend.xml then you can automate this … Continue reading

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