Scriptimus Prime is online.

Hi and welcome to my Blog. I am Andrew Barnes (now bloging under the name Scriptimus Prime), a Microsoft Certified IT Professional from the UK. I have been a moderator on the Official Microsoft Scripting Guys forum for over a year now. I’ve gained many positives there answering posts and writing code. I’ve taken some great advice from Ed Wilson (the scripting guy) who I regard as my scripting mentor. It’s because of Ed now, that I’ve decided share knowledge through my own blog.

After passing the 70-681 exam I was answering questions in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit forum when I realised that I should blog about deployment also.

I work as an IT Contractor in the UK so my roles vary quite frequently. Last year I was a VB Scripter for the Health and Safety Executive and currently I’m a Consultant delivering Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) for businesses in the North West. Technology has always been my main interest and it’s great to work daily in a field that gives me a feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

Among my coming projects are guides, walkthoughs, links and videoblogs. It’s an exciting time. Finally I’ve attached a link below to my Microsoft Virtual Business Card.

Again, Welcome to my blog. Scriptimus Prime.


About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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4 Responses to Scriptimus Prime is online.

  1. Darren says:

    Thanks for your blog Andrew, I’m just starting out with MDT 2010 and MDT 2012 and your blog is now my point of reference whenever I have a query about deployment. Your blog is clear, simple and easy to understand and navigate. Thanks again.


  2. jaminben says:

    Very handy blog, I’m also just starting out and this has been a massive help to me.
    Keep up the good work.



  3. Roy Hutton says:

    Hey, love the name, thought of it myself and when i googled, you beat me to it! 😀 Keep on Scripting! Powershell is the way forward. R


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