MDT 2010: UK Regional Settings (Windows 7/Vista)

Getting the regional settings right is one of the first things to configure in your image build. I’ve come across this issue many times in the Windows 7 and Vista forums. I’ve also seen solutions such as custom reg hacks and scripts, all a load of unnecessary hard work. If you configure MDT 2010 right then it will take care of it all for you.

For the Windows 7/Vista in the UK, edit the CustomSettings.ini file  and add the following lines:


 TimeZoneName=GMT Standard Time

With that done now, there is no need to edit the unattend.xml or enter the settings in the wizard. In fact the lines SkipLocaleSelection=YES and SkipTimeZone=YES will hide the panes during the Lite-touch deployment wizard.

For other country’s, you can get a list of:

  • Language codes here
  • Locale IDs and  Input Locales here
  • Time Zone Index Values here

Remember these settings can also be used as task sequence variables if you are supporting multiple regions. For Windows XP read my article here.


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