MCTS: 70-681 – Exam Study Video Links

Below is a list of freely available videos to  help with this exam. Most of them are on the Microsoft Techcenter or Microsoft Edge.

This exam is mainly aimed at Microsoft Partners who will need this as a requirement to deliver Desktop Deployment Planning Services(DDPS). The exam is also great for those who want to show their expertise in MDT 2010 and Windows 7 deployment.

I’ll update the missing links as I find them.

Configuring a Deployment Infrastructure (24%)

Configure the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) environment. deployment database, deployment share, task sequences, create deployment points
•Configure networking for deployment. :Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), IP Helper, Windows Deployment Services, PXE boot, multicast
Configure activation.Windows 7, Office 2010, Key Management Service (KMS), Multiple Activation Key (MAK), Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT)
Configure the SCCM OSD environment. :System Center Configuration Manager and MDT integration; build an operating system installation, a boot image, and driver

Creating and Configuring Images (25%)

Create and capture an image. modify a WIM file, modify a Windows PE boot image, build a base image
Create automated installation scripts. silent install scripts, unattended answer files, join a domain, customize user settings, configure auto-naming
Create and customize task sequences. installation tasks for Office 2010 and additional applications
Customize default operating system settings. environment settings, user settings, configure local Group Policy, Windows Internet Explorer settings
Add applications to an image. modify or install on a base image
Configure application compatibility.configure applications for User Access Control (UAC), create and deploy shims

Deploying Windows 7 (27%)

Perform a Lite Touch Installation of Windows 7staggered deployment, permissions
Perform a Zero Touch Installation of Windows 7 : permissions, configure a task sequence, configure scheduling
Migrate user settings and data Windows Vista, Windows XP, local store vs. remote store
•Configure post–operating system deployment tasks. : configure run-once scripts, identify appropriate log  files, deploy language packs and security updates
•Customize hardware settings. inject drivers, install hardware-specific applications,
configure Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

Configuring and Deploying Office 2010 (24%)

•Configure Office 2010 user-specific settings. configure Microsoft Outlook settings, configure Microsoft Office Communicator settings, set display languages, set editing
languages, set default file locations
Configure Office 2010 application-specific settings. configure compatibility settings, add or remove applications, add language packs, configure application add-ins, security  settings, updates, and KMS
Deploy Office 2010clean install, Group Policy Startup script, installation package in System Center Configuration Manager, upgrade from Office 2003, upgrade from Office 2007; migrate user settings, 32 or 64 bit


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7 Responses to MCTS: 70-681 – Exam Study Video Links

  1. jjj says:

    Excellent research. I will be doing the 70-681 soon and this definitely helps!


  2. arshad says:

    You have link to server 2008 free video’s etc


  3. Miie says:

    Awesome work. Thank you


  4. Sean says:

    Great set of links, thanks!
    FYI Heres an update for the create a an image:


  5. dr3tri says:

    How ’bout creating practice test about deployment? 🙂
    There’s platform to ppl. do their own testlets.. vce. But it would be better if it would be free.. any alternatives to that?

    Thanks for videos!


  6. Al says:

    Thanks for the great page. Just what I was looking for re:70-681.
    Great advice. I passed my 70-640 exam and may have a chance at a great job in the next year but need the 70-681.


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