MDT 2010: Set UK Keyboard in WinPE

One annoyance with MDT is that WinPE is set to the US keyboard layout. There were times when I expected to find the ” above the number 2 but found myself having to rewrite command lines. Usually after typing a lengthy line of code. It turned out that there was a setting in MDT to put it right all along.

To set the keyboard to UK just edit the bootstrap.ini and add the following line:


The manual says to set it in the customsettings.ini also but it work’s without it. The setting will kick in when Wizard.hta starts so be patient.

For other countries there is a list of default input locales here.

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A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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One Response to MDT 2010: Set UK Keyboard in WinPE

  1. stefan says:

    thank you! was looking for this setting for a long time – luckily i’m already used to the us-english keyboard, but de-CH (swiss layout) is much more comfortable to work with.


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