MCTS: 70-680 – Windows 7 Exam Study Video Links

Below is a list of freely available videos to  help with this exam. Most of them are on the Microsoft Techcenter or Microsoft Edge. I’m frequently asked about resources to help with the Windows 7, Configuring exam. For many IT professionals, this is their first starting point at Microsoft Certified Training. I’ve put together this list of video resources to help with each of the modules.

My study process is Watch it, Do it, Read about it, (then do it again properly) in that order. This resource will help with the first part but remember that these videos should be accompanied by reading the appropriate articles on Microsoft Technet.

I strongly recommend actually doing each of the objectives when training, even if it appears straight forward, at least you can honestly say you have practical experience.

Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7 (14 percent)

Perform a clean installation.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Preparing for Windows 7
TechNet Video: How Do I: Basic Windows 7 Deployment
TechNet Video: How Do I: Bare Metal Installation of Windows 7
TechNet Video: How Do I: USB Installation of Windows 7
Deploying Windows 7 with Windows Deployment Services
TechNet Video: How Do I: Deploying Windows 7 with Windows Deployment Services
How Microsoft Does IT: Deploying Windows 7

Upgrade to Windows 7  from previous versions of Windows.
Upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista
Migrating Windows XP to Windows 7 Using Windows Easy Transfer and USMT

Migrate user profiles.
Migration From Windows XP to Windows 7
User State Migration Tool
TechNet Video: (Part 1 of 5) Overview of User State Migration Tool
TechNet Video: (Part 2 of 5) What’s New in the User State Migration Tool 4.0
TechNet Video: (Part 3 of 5) User State Migration Tool Scenarios
TechNet Video: (Part 4 of 5) Hard-link Migration in the USMT 4.0
TechNet Video: (Part 5 of 5) Offline User State Capture in the USMT 4.0

Deploying Windows 7 (13 percent)

Capture a system image.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Creating a Dual-Boot System with Windows 7
Step 1 – Create an Answer File
Step 2 – Build a Reference Installation
Step 3 – Create a Bootable Windows PE CD-ROM
Step 4 – Capture the Customized Windows Installation
Step 5 – Deploy the Windows Image from a Network Share
Windows 7 Image Engineering Using the Windows Automated Installation Kit?
Windows 7 Offline Image Servicing
Exploring the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) 2.0
Deployment Tools, Preparing an Image Using Sysprep and ImageX
Preparing an Image Using Sysprep and ImageX
Image Servicing with DISM

Deploy a system image.
Automating Windows 7 Deployment
TechNet Video: (Part 1 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Introduction to Deployment
TechNet Video: (Part 2 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Deployment Tools
TechNet Video: (Part 3 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – MDT 2010 Deployment Process
TechNet Video: (Part 4 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Step 1: Gather Required Software
TechNet Video: (Part 5 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Step 2: Prepare the MDT 2010

TechNet Video: (Part 6 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Step 3: Create the Reference Computer
TechNet Video: (Part 7 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Step 4: Deploy Windows 7 and Capture Reference Computer Image
TechNet Video: (Part 8 of 8 ) Windows 7 Deployment – Step 5: Deploy Windows 7 to Target Computer

Configure a VHD.
Windows 7 VHD Boot Demonstration
TechNet Video: Thrive Live! IT Pro Virtualization Tour (Part 2 of 4): VHD Native Boot

Configuring Hardware and Applications (14 percent)

Configure devices.
Configuring Devices in Windows 7

Configure application compatibility.
TechNet Video: Part 1 of 6 – Configuring the Application Compatibility Tool Kit 5.6
TechNet Video: Part 2 of 6 – Collecting Inventory and Compatibility Data (DCP’s)
TechNet Video: Part 3 of 6 – Organizing Inventory by Assigning Categories and

TechNet Video: Part 4 of 6 – Creating a Custom Solution
TechNet Video: Part 5 of 6 – Exploring the Compatibility Administrator (32-bit)
TechNet Video: Part 6 of 6 – Installing a Custom Patch using SDINST Tool
TechNet Video: Bytes by TechNet: Aaron Tiensivu and Keith Combs discuss Windows 7,
Virtualization and the Application Compatibility Toolkit

TechNet Video: How Do I: Mitigate Application Issues in Windows 7 Using Shims?
TechNet Video: How Do I: Introduction to Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5?
Getting Started with the Application Compatibility Toolkit (Part 1)
Creating Data Collection Packages to Generate an Application Inventory (Part 2)
Analyzing Compatibility Data Returned by Data Collection Packages (Part 3)
Mitigating Application Compatibility Issues with Common Compatibility Fixes (Part 4)
Detecting and Mitigating Administrative Privilege Requirements with the Standard User Analyzer (Part 5)
TechNet Video: How Do I: Application Compatibility Manager
TechNet Video: How Do I: Compatibility Administrator

Configure application restrictions.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Software Restriction Policies in Windows 7

Configure Internet Explorer.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Configuring Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7
Deploying and Managing Windows Internet Explorer 8?
Windows Internet Explorer 8

Configuring Network Connectivity (14 percent)

Configure IPv4 network settings.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Windows 7 and Network Connectivity
Creating a Firewall Rule to Allow ICMPv4 Echo Requests
Wireless Networking
Networking home computers running different versions of Windows
Choosing a network location

Configure IPv6 network settings.
Michael Surkan: Introduction to IPV6
Introduction to Internet Protocol Version 6

Configure networking settings.
Windows 7 and Network Connectivity
View and connect to available wireless networks

Configure Windows Firewall.
Windows 7 Screencast – Resource Monitor (resmon)
Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall

Configure remote management.
TechNet Video: Using Windows PowerShell 2.0
TechNet Video: Administering Windows PowerShell Remotely
TechNet Video: How Do I: Remote Management of Windows 7 with Windows PowerShell
TechNet Video: Windows 7 Powershell

Configuring Access to Resources (13 percent)

Configure shared resources.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Accessing Local and Network Resources in Windows 7
Microsoft User State Virtualization Overview
Folder Redirection
Roaming User Profiles
Windows 7 HomeGroup

Configure file and folder access.
Getting started with the Encrypting File System

Configure user account control (UAC).
Learning Snack: Implementing User Account Control in Windows 7
User Account Control
Accessing Local and Network Resources in Windows 7
TechNet Video: Windows 7 Security and Control Overview
TechNet Video: Windows 7 Security Overview
What’s new in Group Policy for Windows 7?

Configure authentication and authorization.

Configure BranchCache.
TechNet Video: How Do I:Reduce WAN costs with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and BranchCache?
TechNet Video: Using Windows 7 BranchCache
Branch Cache in Windows 7

Configuring Mobile Computing (10 percent)

Configure BitLocker and BitLocker To Go.
Firestarter: Encrypt Your Drives with BitLocker and Bitlocker-to-Go
TechNet Video: How Do I: BitLocker and BitLocker To Go in Windows 7
BitLocker and BitLocker To Go
Windows 7 Screencast – BitLocker To Go
Windows 7: How to use Bitlocker-to-go
Windows 7 Screencast – BitLocker To Go
BitLocker in Win7
Bitlocker Screencast
BitLocker Drive Encryption with BitLocker to Go Overview

Configure DirectAccess.
TechNet Video: Introducing DirectAccess
TechNet Video: Using Windows 7 Direct Access
Enabling Secure Always-on Connectivity using DirectAccess Video 1 of 2
Enabling Secure Always-on Connectivity using DirectAccess Video 2 of 2
DirectAccess with Devrim
Windows 7 DirectAccess User Experience
TechNet Video: Windows Firestarter Events (Part 2 of 5): Windows 7: Diving Deeper –
DirectAccess and RAS Features

TechNet Video: Windows 7 Firestarter Event (Part 2 of 4): Why VPN? Connect Seamlessly
with DirectAccess

TechNet Video: TechNet Radio Community Corner: John Weston and Doug Spindler discuss DirectAccess and IPv6
TechNet Video: How Do I: Windows 7 and DirectAccess

Configure mobility options.
TechNet Video: How Do I: Offline Files in Windows 7
TechNet Video: How Do I: Using PowerCfg in Windows 7?

Power Management in Windows 7 Overview

Configure remote connections.

Monitoring and Maintaining Systems that Run Windows 7 (11 percent)

Configure updates to Windows 7.

Manage disks.
Delete a hard disk partition

Monitor systems.
How  Do I: Create and Configure Events Centrally?

Configure performance settings.
Power Management in Windows 7
Power Management in Windows 7 – Video 1 of 2
Power Management in Windows 7 – Video 2 of 2
How much power does your PC consume?
Power Management and Troubleshooting Group Policy
Power Management in Windows 7 Overview
Configuring Devices in Windows 7

Configuring Backup and Recovery Options (11 percent)

Configure backup.
Advanced Backup in Windows 7

Configure system recovery options.
Create a system repair disc
Backup and Restore
Back up your files


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  1. Anca says:

    Thanks for sharing, I think the list is very useful and helpful. Cheers.


  2. linnyown says:

    Thank you so much for collected videos for MCTS: 70-680 – Windows 7 Exam Study. It’s very organized and very helpful for people who interested to study or prepare for exam.

    Very well appreciated!!!


  3. A_C says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Good links in a logical layout. These will be very helpful in passing this exam first time.

    Cheers mate


  4. ulranmal says:

    keep up your good work……..!!!
    U.L Ranmal ( MCT,MCSA,MCTS,MCP)


  5. Rick says:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting these videos. I’m making my first run through the 680 MS Press book. I find myself reading a chapter and thinking, “What?” Then I watch the videos and everything seems clear. Thank you.


  6. Suman says:

    Its totally informative.


  7. dave says:

    None of the links work.. 😦 Did Microsoft delete the videos?


  8. dave says:

    Ok some of the links didn’t’ work, mainly the Microsoft event video links.


  9. grawler says:

    I know it’s been pointed out before, but could you please fix the broken links?


  10. AlexC says:

    Andrew, thanks for compiling this list of videos. I believe I found the new url for the video titled “TechNet Video: How Do I: Windows 7 and Network Connectivity” (under the heading “Configure IPv4 network settings”).

    I found a video with the exact same title at the url

    Hope that helps.


  11. Faisal Arshad (preparing 70-680 , 70-640 ,also) says:

    I download the almost all videos i hope these will be helpful for me… i will comment after watching the video .thanks for all …Faisal Arshad


  12. robert339 says:

    Dear Mr. Barnes,
    Would it be possible for you to obtain the video files so that you can host them on your web site, to avoid having to update links? Would Microsoft object to this, or could they be asked for permission?
    If this were possible, you could perhaps host just those files whose links have ceased to function, leaving the other links that work, until over time you could perhaps host them all.


  13. Pete says:

    Awesome resource. For those looking to study for this exam, is also a great resource and they happen to have 70-680 videos, as well as some CompTIA training videos.

    Question for ya Andrew, did you start your career in deployment and scripting by first getting some of these microsoft certifications?


    • Hi Pete,
      Yes and No, I used my certifications to reboot my career after considering leaving IT.
      I worked in IT for over 10 years then decided to do some training/certification. I’ve never been on a training course. I use the vast free resources that are available that was not possible 10 years ago. I also use my labs at home as my primary resource, hence the testlab blogs recently.

      In short, that’s why I decided to share these videos. So others can learn how I did. There are also many good resources on YouTube. But be careful, some ppl there have posted videos that are not always accurate.



  14. Yogesh says:

    wow it’s a very useful site we can find major information on this platform, Thanks scriptimus for that !


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  18. Marlucy says:

    Dear Andrew, just to say many thanks for your post. I will take the 70-680 exam for the first time and as I could not download the Virtual Box on my pc (I have Windows 7 home premium edition) your post is my last hope. It is really well done. Thanks again and all the best for the future.


  19. Luis says:

    Good videos! Thanks!


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