MDT2010: Automation – Getting Started

Once you get to grips with MDT 2010 you’ll want to start streamlining your deployments by removing unnecessary wizard panes. To begin with, you can have your Lite-Touch deployments auto login and skip the welcome screens.

To start the deployment wizard without having to enter the passwords you will need to enter the credentials as variables using UserID, UserDomain and UserPassword in your Bootstrap.ini:





Remember, the user credentials are stored in plain text in your bootstrap.ini so it’s good practice to ensure that the account used has only access to the resources that it needs. My MDT service accounts have rights to access the deployment share only and have delegated rights to create computer accounts.

The example below will login using a local account on PC-01.


To skip the welcome panes, put this below in your bootstrap.ini also:


The manual says that the SkipBDDWelcome needs to be in the CustomSettings.ini but in my environments the bootstrap.ini alone will suffice.

About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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