MDT 2010: Finish action

One importing thing when deploying images is ensuring there is some sort of indication that Lite-Touch has ended and the machine is ready for use. For security, you may wish to shut the machine down at the end or log the machine off. This behaviour is optional by using the FinishAction property in the customsettings.ini.

Use this to log the current user off at the end of a deployment:


Use this setting to turn the computer off at the end of a deployment:


To reboot the computer at the end of a deployment use either




These settomgs can be used in the customsettings.ini or as a Task Sequence Variable.


About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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3 Responses to MDT 2010: Finish action

  1. Rob Sheppard says:

    Great series, Andrew. Very informative. Just wanted to add that you can also use it in the configuration DB, if you’re using that.


    • Thanks Rob,

      I’m keeping the posts basic for now, then I’ll be moving onto the advanced topics including the SQL Database and also configuration manager integration. Thanks for posting and keep reading.


  2. Rob Sheppard says:

    Great, I’ll keep an eye out for the advanced posts. Cheers!


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