MDT 2010: Timezone

To automate the TimeZone setting in your Lite-Touch deployments, edit the CustomSettings.ini file and add the following line for Windows XP/2003:


or for Windows Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 use:

 TimeZoneName=GMT Standard Time

Now to hide the pane during the Lite-Touch deployment wizard, enter:


If you are in another timezone you can get a list of the values here. Or you can use the Windows TimeZone Utility from the command line to interogate your current windows 7 machine. Simply open a command prompt and type:

tzutil /g

Remember these settings can also be used as task sequence variables, if you are supporting multiple regions. For Windows XP read my article here.


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One Response to MDT 2010: Timezone

  1. CovertParadox says:

    In a refresh scenario (Windows XP to 7) if you enter the TimeZone ID in the CustomSettings.ini file, would it translate to the right time zone being assigned on the Windows 7 machine? I’m using a user exit script to find the time zone on the XP machine and of course I can only retrieve the ID.


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