MDT 2010: Managing Product Keys

If you are deploying Windows Vista/7 Professional, Enterprise or Server 2008(R2) and you have a KMS host configured, you can simply ignore the sections that ask for product keys during Lite-Touch deployments and skip past them without adding aditional propertys. The KMS keys are stored in the products themselves and the clients will attempt to activate automatically after installation.

If you are using Windows XP, Server 2003 or retail editions of Windows Vista/7 then you will have to provide a product Key at some point during your deployments.

Firstly to skip the pesky product key prompt add this line to your customsettings.ini:


Next, to add a product key to your deployment use this example in either the customsettings.ini or as a task sequence variable:


This will cause MDT to enter the product key in the unattend.xml (for Vista, 7 or 2008) or unattend.txt (for 2003 server, XP) during the deployment.

If you intend to automate your MAK activated deployments you can use this property in either the customsettings.ini or as a task sequence variable:


If you don’t understand how Microsoft Volume Activation works, I suggest reading up on the Technet website or the Volume Activation Planning Guide.

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7 Responses to MDT 2010: Managing Product Keys

  1. Damian says:

    Is there a way to prompt the user for a EULA before the build kicks off. So if they reject it, it will cancel the build otherwise if they agree the build kicks off.


  2. Reza Daniels says:

    Hi there

    In which section of the TS would you add this TS variable.

    Install OS
    Add TS varible for Product key


  3. Reza Daniels says:

    Hi there

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I would like to know where within the TS do you add this extra TS variable.
    Would it be in Preinstall, Install or Postinstall phase within the TS.

    Also would it look like the below.
    Task Sequence Variable: OverrideProductKey


  4. Reza Daniels says:

    Hi there

    Under the Preinstall Phase i created the TS variable below

    and under the State Restore i created the TS variable below

    Can you please advise if this is correct.
    Also how do i check if the correct Productkey was entered during the deployment of the OS.
    When you check the properties on the machine it only displays the Product ID.



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