MDT 2010: Storing log files centrally

Although not widely known, you can store your Lite-Touch deployment log files centrally on a network share. This can come in handy when troubleshooting or auditing.

There are 2 types of logging available. The first is standard logging, which stores the logs on a network share at the end of a deployment. The second is dynamic logging which writes the log files in real-time to a network share throughout the deployment process.

To do this simply set the property as usual in the customsettings.ini or deployment database. In this example of standard logging, the log files are copied to a share at the end of the deployment process:


This example shows dynamic logging, where the log files are copied in real-time to a share throughout the deployment process:


In most cases you can just create a folder called logs in the deployment share itself and target that location for your logs:


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6 Responses to MDT 2010: Storing log files centrally

  1. bjtechnews says:

    Hey there, I was wondering if you can help. I understand the central logs part, but each client creates a BDD.log file, how would you tell the difference on which computer the log file came from. Is there a way to create a folder with the computer’s computer name and drop the log files in there.

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  2. debonairone says:

    I tried using the %OSDcomputername% variable and it didn’t work as expected… Using %computername% did work as expected…


  3. David B says:

    I believe by default it will create a folder for each deployment. The folder will be named the computer name of the machine being deployed.


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