MDT 2010: Wiping disks

In MDT, there’s a task sequence step that wipes your disk. It’s run at the end of the Replace Computer task sequence after the backup completes successfully.

This step will only run when the property WipeDisk is set to TRUE. Example:


Now for the science. It uses the ZTIWipeDisk.wsf script and formats the drive over 3 passes, filling it with zeroes by running this command line:

cmd /c format {Drive letter} /fs:ntfs /p:3 /Y

I’m not suggesting that the data is unrecoverable after this method because it uses zeroes as opposed to random characters. If you need to wipe data to a government standard you could replace this step with a 3rd party command line tool like Active Kill disk or Darik’s Boot and Nuke.

Other non-software options for ensuring data is unrecoverable include a degausser, an industrial compactor or a large sledgehammer.


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