MDT 2010: Do not create 300Mb partition

MDT creates a 300MB partition but it’s only needed for Bitlocker encryption. It can be a minor annoyance in other situations.

You can skip this behaviour in your task sequences or globally in your customsettings.ini if you are not deploying Windows 7 Enterprise (or Vista Business)in your organisation. Here’s an example:



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2 Responses to MDT 2010: Do not create 300Mb partition

  1. says:

    Im having the opposite problem. My light touch deployment creates the partition.. but my media build (based off my light touch) will not create it. I double checked both CS.ini and I did remove the donotcreateextrapartition line.. (I used to have it in there when we were using McAfee endpoint encryption). Any ideas? Its driving me nuts,. Bitlocker starts up great with my light touch build but any machine started off the media build lacks the 300MB partition and bitlocker wont start.


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