MDT 2010: Managing Packages

Deploying packages in MDT is very straightforward. Simply import them into the Packages node within the deployment workbench and by default they will be installed during the deployment process. You can use selection profiles to control these and ensure that only what you want is deployed.

This is also true is if you are deploying Windows 7 and wish to include Internet Explorer 9 during your deployment. Download the IE9 .MSU from Microsoft Update Catalog and import it into packages node as above and it will be installed as part of your next deployment.

You can automate the process by skipping the wizard and selecing your packages in series by selecting their GUID. Example:


You can find the GUID’s by double clicking on any imported package:

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One Response to MDT 2010: Managing Packages

  1. DH says:

    Hi, it’s really good that you post this MDT Package management guide, since not much MDT tutorial out there mention about Packages.
    But I found that It won’t unattend install if I don’t type the GUID in CustomSettings.ini
    This is rather inconvenient because CustomSettings.ini is a general setting which apply to all Task Sequence under the Deployment Share.


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