MCTS: 70-669 – Desktop Virtualization – Exam Video Links

Now that I’ve passed the exam MCTS: 70-669 – Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization I thought I’d share some of the videos that I found useful in my studys. These videos are freely available and mostly on Technet.

Deploying and Managing an Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Environment

Install and configure Windows Virtual PC.
Enable and manage Windows XP Mode.
Windows 7 XP Mode User Experience
An Introduction to Windows XP Mode
How to Install Windows XP Mode
How to Install an Application on Windows XP Mode
Windows XP Mode IT Pro Series

Create a MED-V infrastructure.
Administer a MED-V environment.
1- Preparing a MED-V Image
2 – Testing, Packing, and Uploading a MED-V Image
3 – MED-V Workspace Walkthrough
4 – Publishing Different Applications to Different Users of the Same MED-V
5 – Creating a MED-V Installation Package
6 – MED-V First Time Setup with Domain Join
7 – Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools in MED-V
8 – Updating a MED-V Image

MED-V v1 SP1 User Experience
Internet Explorer Virtualization with MED-V
Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Overview
Optimised Desktop Series : Med-V

Deploying and Managing a Presentation Virtualization Environment

Prepare and manage remote applications.
Access published applications.
Configure client settings to access virtualized desktops.
Part 1: RDS Session Host – Initial Installation & Configuration
Part 2: RDS Web Portal- Initial Installation & Configuration
Part 3: RDS Connection Broker- Initial Installation & Configuration
Part 4: RDS Gateway – Initial Installation & Configuration
Part 5: RDP7 Deep Dive & User Experience

Microsoft VDI Part I: Server Side Configuration
Microsoft VDI Part II: Virtual Desktop Configuration
Microsoft VDI Part III: Client Side Experiences

WindowsServer 2008 R2, Remote Desktop, VDI and Virtualization

Deploying and Managing an Application Virtualization (App-V) Environment

Prepare virtual applications.
Install and configure application virtualization environments.
Manage application virtualization environments.
Application Virtualization (App-V) Video Series

Managing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Environment

Configure user state virtualization.
Microsoft User State Virtualization Overview
Roaming User Profiles
Folder Redirection

Manage virtual desktops remotely.
How Do I: Configure the Virtual machine Manager 2008 self service portal

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10 Responses to MCTS: 70-669 – Desktop Virtualization – Exam Video Links

  1. Hello Andrew, thank you very much for posting the video links. Cheers!


  2. Jason says:

    Thankyou for the help,
    the links provide a great help to understand the topics



  3. Thanks a lot Andrew! Would you say this covers most of the test or should I take that e-course Microsoft offers?


  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks! Do you happen to know which version of the products is being covered in the 70-669 exam? Is it MED-V 1.0 and APP-V 4.5 or MED-V 2.0 and APP-V 4.6 ?


  5. Steve says:

    Thanks mate!


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