MDT 2010: ZTIGather.xml

I keep meeting admins who write scripts for MDT that they don’t have to. For example, a script that returns the MAC address of the primary network adapter. The real issue here is not knowing what information MDT collects(Gathers).

There’s an XML file located in the scripts folder of the Deployment Share. It’s called ZTIGather.xml and is where a lot of the built in properties are predefined. MDT uses this file to help gather its local information. Double-click on the ZTIGather.xml and it’ll open in your browser.

This is the data that is collected during the Gather local only task sequence step. Don’t edit this file, I jut think it’s another great starting point in understanding the info that MDT can collect.

About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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