Powershell: Video Walkthroughs

Microsoft Windows PowerShell is so popular now that there’s no shortage of blogs, free ebooks and resources available to get you started. One resource that I recommend  is PowerShell MVP Don Jones. He wrote a book called Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches and he also released a CBT Nuggets series on PowerShell.

He also has a number of free videos available on YouTube. I’ve listed the beginners series below:

Ch1 Installing PowerShell

Ch2 Running Commands and PSDrives

Ch3 Reading Syntax Help

Ch4 Exporting Data

Ch5 Importing Modules

Ch6 Using Get-Member

Ch7 Pipeline Binding ByValue

Ch8 Format Right

Ch9 Filter Left

Ch10 1-to-1 PowerShell Remoting

Ch11 Exploring WMI for PowerShell

Ch12 Local Background Jobs

Ch13 PowerShell “Batch” Cmdlets

Ch14 Enabling Scripting in PowerShell

Ch15 PowerShell Variable Basics

Ch16 Using PowerShell’s Read-Host to Collect User Input

Ch17 Making a PowerShell Command into a Parameterized Script

Ch18 Using PowerShell Sessions

Ch19 Simple PowerShell Functions

Ch20 PowerShell’s If Construct

Ch21 PowerShell Pipeline Functions

Ch22 ErrorAction in PowerShell

Ch23 Write-Debug in PowerShell

Ch24 PowerShell Profile Scripts

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A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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