MDT2012: ZTIGather

In MDT there’s a script called ZTIGather.wsf that collects a massive list of unique data about the machine you’re running a deployment on. To test it out manually, boot up in WinPE and press F8 to open a command prompt, then type this:

cscript Z:\Scripts\ZTIGather.wsf /debug:TRUE

This will output all the event messages to the screen showing all the variables gathered.

This list is full of properties and values that will be used during your deployment.

The infomation is collected from propertys in the CustomSettings.ini, MDT database, ZTIGather.xml, the wizards that are run during lite touch and also builtin scripts that gather information about your environment.

In addition, you can create your own ini file that contains rules and properties, in the same format as customsettings.ini or bootstrap.ini, and use ZTIGather.wsf to import the custom properties and values into your deployment:

cscript ZTIGather.wsf /debug:TRUE /inifile:Settings.ini

It’s recommended that you delete the c:\minint folder (or x:\minint in WinPE) before running these tests to gather fresh data(and after running these tests). Or you could delete the variables.dat as that’s where the data is collected and later gathered in subsequent runs.

This ZTIGather.wsf is the script that’s run several times during the Gather local only task sequence steps(below). The events created by this script are output to the ZTIGather.log file.

The properties and rules collected from the ZTIGather.wsf script control the deployment process so this is crucial to the internal workings of MDT.

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A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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3 Responses to MDT2012: ZTIGather

  1. I am trying to customize the MDT LiteTouch wizard to display the MAC Address for the system (this is to help techs with record keeping). Is there a way to get hold of the MAC Address for the primary adapter from within the wizard?


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