MDT 2012: Tip – Getting UUID, SerialNumber

I was working at a customers site last year creating a media based Windows 7 deployment for some laptops. I over heard one of the technical leads saying that he was deploying XP to a machine so he could use system information to collect the exact model from the machine. Naturally I offered him a quicker solution for which he was eternally grateful.

Boot into WinPE and type

     WMIC csproduct list /format

This will display the Make, Model and UUID in a formated list collected from WMI. You can use this tool in XP through to Windows 7 and on server editions also. You can find a list of commands using the WMI Command-line Tool tool here.


About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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One Response to MDT 2012: Tip – Getting UUID, SerialNumber

  1. Wow, excellent information! Previously I had been using a .vbs script to get the UUID and then using wmic to get the pc make and model for MDT driver deployment.


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