MDT 2010: Imaging to similar hardware

After a Sysprep operation, Hardware is detected and devices reinstall all their drivers. This behaviour is to by design and to be expected.

In many scenarios however, you may not want this to happen. For example, when you create a Virtual Machine template in VMWare or Hyper-V. In these situations the last thing you will want is to wait while Windows detects and installs all the drivers again each time you deploy the image. After all, you know that the hardware will always be the same.

To prevent this there is a setting you can configure in the Unattend.XML file. IT is called PersistentAllDeviceInstalls and it is found in the Microsoft-Windows-PnPSysprep path. I configure this setting when I create the reference image.

Lauch Windows SIM and locate the Microsoft-Windows-PnPSysprep component then right-click and select Add Setting to Pass 3 generalize.


Next ensure the setting is set to True.


Now when you clone a VM or redeploy an image you don’t have to wait that extra 5 minutes while the drivers are being detected and reinstalled.


About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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