Testlab: Upgrading HP N40L Microserver with an SSD drive

I decided to get a Solid State Drive for my HP Microserver N40L. Great Idea until I tried to install it. I bought a 2.5” drive and the bay is 3.5” so the drive does not fit in the bracket. I bought a bracket kit but that didn’t work either. I then read that many people had the same issue and solved it by running an external SATA cable back inside etc. Crazy.

It turns out that after all my fiddling (and wasting 7 quid on a bracket) that the drive is so light that it can just click into the backplane and suspend without the need for a bracket. It’s safe too as the SSD is kinda weightless and the clip on the backplane grips it tightly.

In the end I also put the bracket back in. It’s only cosmetic but it’s better than having a huge gap there. Win win win!

The SSD is SATA II which is cool as the server is also. Here’s the spec:

Verbatim 128Gb SSD – Black Edition £62.64 (inc. VAT) www.microdirect.co.uk

All in all, I’m very pleased with the upgrade and the drive is fast for my LAB VM’s that require a lot of paging like SCCM 2012.

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4 Responses to Testlab: Upgrading HP N40L Microserver with an SSD drive

  1. Roel O. says:

    Spot on! I have both ESX microservers now running with SSDs this way, including the ‘loose’ bracket.
    I never would have thought about just plugging the SSDs in the slots without any supporting plates.


  2. John Goodwin says:

    Excellent write-up on the venerable N40L. I came across the exact same problem so I will adopt this for my HP Microserver. The SSD is obviously much lighter than a mechanical HDD so coupled with the tight fit in the SATA socket, it should be OK. Just to make sure, I will look to fashion something out of old computer bits to support the SSD in case of issues with heating/cooling cycles as it could theoretically loosen up over time.

    Many thanks kind sir!
    John Goodwin


  3. Daz says:

    Brilliant blog – followed your lead and did the same thing but used this SSD http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007ZW2LY4/ref=pe_385721_37038051_pe_217191_31005151_M3T1_dp_1 which was £56 including postage, arrived in two days, fitted it this morning.

    Out of interest how did u get the drive bay in and the SSD – didn’t seem the room when I looked at it…



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