LTI/ZTI Deployments: Post OS Task Sequence

One of the useful features of MDT is the Post Operating System Installation Task Sequence. I use it to configure servers after I clone them from templates. If you want to do any of the following tasks then a Post OS Task Sequence is for you. I thought it best to cover this topic as a few of my upcoming posts will centre around this. These are just a few of the useful things you can accomplish:

I would use this feature when performing advanced configurations that can’t be solved by a traditional application deployment. Also when there is a need for consistency. However, I should point out that I wouldn’t implement this as a deployment solution, however I have seen that done before.

So here’s how you do it.

Create a new Sequence step. Give it a unique Task Sequence ID like PostOS etc. and a name eg. Post Install Task Sequence. Click Next.

Wizard 1

Select Post OS Installation Task Sequence from the list.

Wizard 2

Click Next and Finish.

Wizard 3

When you edit the task sequence you’ll see that it’s a lot simpler than the usual OS deployment Task Sequence. You can enable the Windows Update steps to bring a machine to a fully patched state or add your tasks under the Custom Tasks folder. This task sequence will gather its parameters from the customsettings.ini or database just like any other Task Sequence.

Post OS Install TS

To test it, you can start a deployment from a running PC. From an elevated command prompt connect to the deployment share and run the BDD_Autorun.wsf script.

Run  a Post OS Install TS

Running the Task sequence with no setting will start and end without making any changes. Unless you’re using MDT 2012 then the Apply Local GPO Package will apply a local baseline GPO. Putting ApplyGPOPack=NO in your customsettings.ini should prevent it.

You’re now left with a solution for deploying custom scripts and configurations.

About Andrew Barnes

A Scripting and Deployment Specialist.
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2 Responses to LTI/ZTI Deployments: Post OS Task Sequence

  1. John Yousef says:

    Hi Andrew,
    If I wrote a Powershell script to perform some tasks on AD related to the computer account, like moving the computer account to a specific OU & adding the computer account to be member of a specific security groups …etc , shall I install the AD module / Snapin on the reference machine ?


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