LTI/ZTI Deployments: Add roles and features

I had a post drafted on adding roles and features, to begin a series of posts on server role deployment. However, Michael Neihaus has been kind enough to write up a great article on his blog. You can read it here: MDT 2012 Update 1: Roles and Features improvements

In addition, roles and features can be automated in the customsettings.ini. For a client use OSFeatures and for servers use OSRoles and/or OSRoleServices or OptionalOSRoles(Depricated, I think). These features use the properties in a comma seperated list. Example:

To install both ADDS and DHCP roles on a server.

Add the Install Roles and Features step to your task sequence.

In your customsettings.ini add this line:

OSRoles = AD-Domain-Services,DHCP

Remember this only adds the roles, not configure. That comes later.

You can get a list of the values you can use for roles by using the Server Manager command line tool or the Powershell servermanager module.


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2 Responses to LTI/ZTI Deployments: Add roles and features

  1. Oliver Adams says:

    I know this is an old post but I am looking into the best way to configure DHCP from within MDT for a server build. I was hoping to use some custom variables and have use the mdt wizard editor to create a custom pane to add the start and end ip addreses etc. Is this possible or would you recommend another way?


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