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LTI/ZTI Deployments: Injecting drivers during deployment

One of the best reasons implementing MDT 2012 is the way it manages your drivers. I had a customer who was using WDS only for deploying their Windows 7 images. They told me that the deployment would halt for around … Continue reading

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MDT 2012: Skipping Deployment Wizard Panes

This is an updated version of the skipping deployment wizard pages table. This is one of the most popular articles on Scriptimus Ex Machina as it covers most of what is required to automate Lite Touch deployments. Readers use it as a … Continue reading

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MDT 2012: DomainOUs List

There’s a feature in MDT that displays a dropdown list of Domain OU’s in the Lite Touch deployment wizard. There are 2 ways to set it up. First, you can create a list of OU’s in the customsettings.ini by using … Continue reading

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MDT 2012: Missing network drivers during LTI boot

I was contacted last week by a former colleague who is just getting into MDT. He was missing drivers on one model and received this common error page during his boot sequence. Naturally, I had loads of resources to share but … Continue reading

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