MDT 2012: DomainOUs List

There’s a feature in MDT that displays a dropdown list of Domain OU’s in the Lite Touch deployment wizard. There are 2 ways to set it up.

First, you can create a list of OU’s in the customsettings.ini by using the DOMAINOUS variable list. This first example demonstrates this:


This example shows the other method where you create a file in your scripts folder called DomainOUList.xml and list each OU in a separate element:


The result is you now get a dropdown list button next to the Organizational Unit in the deployment wizard.


The list displays the OU’s you entered earlier making it easier to select and reduce errors during deployments.



There’s also an old post by Keith Garner here that shows how to display friendly names.


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10 Responses to MDT 2012: DomainOUs List

  1. Alexandr says:

    Thank you very much, it`s very useful for me!


  2. Josh says:

    Is there a way to force the selection of an OU. I don’t want my team deploying Computers without selecting an OU. Soi if anyone knows of a way you can’t click next without the selection of an OU, that would be much help!


    • Hi Josh,

      Yes, but you’d need to do some wizard editing. You’ll have to modify the wizard pane’s script and change the validation requirements so that the next button is not valid unless an OU is selected.

      I’m going to return to blogging and write a series of posts on wizard panes soon.


  3. Kevon Manuel says:

    Can you do the same thing for the Domain to Join? I’ve got the OU list down but would like to have a dropdown list for the Domains.


  4. jayman says:

    so how do i implement the .xml file…where should i place it…do i have to write something in customsettings.ini in order to point to the xml?


  5. GraceSolutions says:

    Ok guys! This script will prompt you for credentials and then generate a list of Organizational Units from Active Directory from the specified “SearchBase” that you specify, sort the results by CanonicalName (Example: “”) and then proceed to export each entry to “DomainOUList.xml”. Have a blessed day folks! I hope this helps somebody!

    Generates “DomainOUList.xml” file with each item formatted like the following \ Test \ Computers \ Workstations \ Branches \ Test

    Script here.


  6. kevon27 says:

    can you show how to display friendly names for the OUs?


  7. Frederico Costa says:

    Man you ROCK! Cheers from Portugal


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