MDT: Refreshing computers with Static IP Addresses

No DHCP? No Problem

In this scenario, you have a computer with static IP Address assignments that you wish to maintain during a REFRESH.

There’s a Task Sequence step called Capture Network Settings. This runs the script ZTINICConfig.wsf that can capture network settings and store them in the Variables.dat file.


There are 2 switches of use here in the ZTINICConfig.wsf script. (From the manual)

/ForceCapture –  If there are any local networking adapters with static IP addresses saved, this script captures those settings and saves them to the local environment—for example, C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLogs\Variables.dat. This script can be useful in capturing static IP settings for a large number of computers for automation.

/RestoreWithinWinPE – When specified, applies any saved static IP network settings to the local computer, when appropriate; used for internal processing only.


Use both switches to capture adapter settings in a refresh.

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16 Responses to MDT: Refreshing computers with Static IP Addresses

  1. Paolo says:

    is there a similar way to maintain the same computer name? I currently use a custom script to capture the name and set OSDComputerName


    • equinoxnet says:

      Select your Task Sequence | OS Info Tab | Edit Unattend.xml | 4 specialize — add component Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup_neutral. Then select Computername and type there %MACHINENAME%.
      Save xml, refresh deployment share and try 🙂


  2. Paolo says:

    nevermind, I tried without the userexit and the default value in a refresh scenario is the old computername


  3. senez yann says:

    is there a way to have a litetouchpe USB key with a static ip address?


  4. Gary says:

    Ok, assuming that does “Capture” the settings, how do you “Apply” them to the new install? Because “Apply Network Settings” doesn’t work.


  5. Gary says:

    It doesn’t. I end up with this error in the log…

    -![LOG[WMI Function: Adapter.EnableStatic(IPAddress,SubnetMask) FAILURE: -2147180508 Unknown Error: -2147180508]LOG]!–time=”14:01:40.000+000″ date=”07-25-2013″ component=”ZTINICConfig” context=”” type=”2″ thread=”” file=”ZTINICConfig”-


  6. Jon Anderson says:

    Another trick I like to use to imitate static IP’s, which would also prevent this issue, is to create a DHCP reservation for the computer that you want to have a static IP. The benefits are centralized management of your static IP space combined with the flexibility and features of DHCP.

    I haven’t found any drawbacks… yet?


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