SCCM PowerShell: Connect to SCCM Function



Today’s post is another time-saver function I wrote to connect to SCCM. Again, it is designed to eliminate the need to hard code the module path and/or the SCCM primary site. It allows me to just type Connect-SCCM to import the module then enter to the SCCM PSdrive.

Like my MDT function this one locates the install path from the registry to help discover the module location. It will then detect the SCCM PS drive automagically and set the location to it.

I’ve uploaded it to the Technet script repository here and again below is the simplified version.

Function Connect-SCCM { 

    If (!(Get-Module ConfigurationManager)) { 

        [String]$SCCMInstall = ((Get-ItemProperty 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ConfigMgr10\Setup').'UI Installation Directory') 

            Import-Module ($SCCMInstall +'bin\ConfigurationManager.psd1') -Scope Global 


    Set-Location ((get-psdrive -PSProvider CMSite).Name+":") 


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2 Responses to SCCM PowerShell: Connect to SCCM Function

  1. davidjohnson529424291 says:

    again an extraneous | in the last line of the code on codeplex if you select the code and then copy to a new blank page… download is fine just the displayed code as the extra }


  2. you are a god amnong the helpfull people in the internets!!!


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