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PowerShell: Temporary Folders

I was looking through some old code and came across an alternate way to create a temporary folder using PowerShell(or .NET if you want to be picky). So, I needed to create a temporary folder and constructed this line of code. … Continue reading

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The malware apocalypse for Windows XP begins in just 1 day! Or does it?

It doesn’t seem like 12 years since Windows XP and Office 2003 first arrived but now their time will draw closer to the end in less than 2 days. At this point Microsoft will drop Enterprise support for the products potentially … Continue reading

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Deployment Terminology

There are a many terms used to describe the deployment of operating systems and its associated practices. Here are some of the most popular ones and an explanation of when to use them. Deployment. The process of applying operating system images to … Continue reading

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LTI/ZTI PowerShell: Trapping warning messages(again!)

Over the last few posts I’ve mentioned the dreaded warning message returned from your PowerShell scripts. To recap, here’s my Rename-Computer script and what happens at the end of the deployment. And this is what I get in the log … Continue reading

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Scriptimus Ex Machina: Site updates

Hello readers, I’m back baby! I’ve taken a break from blogging due to a good few months working all over the UK, this has involved working more with my MDOP skills inc.  App-V, DART 7, MED-V, AGPM etc. I’ve also … Continue reading

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