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MDT 2012: Automating Network Interface Configuration

I’m currently using MDT (and SCCM) to build servers. After I clone templates in VMWare I run a Post OS task sequence that will rename the Server, assign a static IP address, Join the domain, install Apps etc. One server … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Managing Answer Files

Microsoft Windows installation can be automated by the use of answer files. In previous editions, there was a Unattend.txt. These days the answer files are all xml based so you will need to author an Unattend.xml file. MDT takes the … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Sample customsettings.ini for Fully Automated LTI Deployments

I get a lot of requests for articles on various deployment techniques. One reader yesterday asked for an example of a customsettings.ini file. samburattoSam said: Hey, Thanks for the Blog. Alot of helpfull stuff. Can you show us an example of a … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Managing Packages

Deploying packages in MDT is very straightforward. Simply import them into the Packages node within the deployment workbench and by default they will be installed during the deployment process. You can use selection profiles to control these and ensure that … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Automating Computernames using Task Sequence Conditions

I’ve updated this post on 1 April 2012 as the screenshots shows the gather as being the first step when in fact the gather has to run after the computername has been set so that it can collect the data. … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Configuring the Telephony API (TAPI)

Dialup is not so widely used these days, however with all the recent hacking going on it may be safer to make a secure direct connection. If you’re configuring dial-up manually or using the unattend.xml then you can automate this … Continue reading

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MDT 2010: Fully automated Lite-Touch Deployment

Companies that don’t have SCCM or use 3rd party deployment tools like Altiris sometimes want a way of fully automating the deployment of their operating systems. In MDT there is a property called SkipWizard which will do exactly that, skip the … Continue reading

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