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LTI/ZTI Deployments: Injecting drivers during deployment

One of the best reasons implementing MDT 2012 is the way it manages your drivers. I had a customer who was using WDS only for deploying their Windows 7 images. They told me that the deployment would halt for around … Continue reading

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MDT 2012: Missing network drivers during LTI boot

I was contacted last week by a former colleague who is just getting into MDT. He was missing drivers on one model and received this common error page during his boot sequence. Naturally, I had loads of resources to share but … Continue reading

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MDT Powershell: Importing device drivers from organised folders

Below is my import drivers to MDT PowerShell script, also uploaded to the script repository here. My last post focused on creating a driverstore structure. Now it’s time to import your hard work into MDT. This script will import all your … Continue reading

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MDT Powershell: Creating a Driverstore folder structure

I was thinking about my drivers folder and helping people to organise their drivers and I remembered Chris Nackers and Johan Arwidmark had posted scripts to help import drivers into MDT. I’ve created a script that can be used to … Continue reading

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SCCM 2007: Managing Drivers

I’ve been working at Salford Council today performing a Microsoft Desktop Deployment Workshop. Great guys there, very strong techies and have a broad spectrum of experience. They’ve implemented MDT, SCCM, App-V, Lync, Direct Access etc. all well configured so there wasn’t much … Continue reading

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Missing Drivers

Nick Moseley has inspired me to write today’s blog with my own efforts. When I’m testing a new machine to add to MDT I have a time saving script that outputs the missing drivers for me. I kept losing this script … Continue reading

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