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LTI/ZTI PowerShell: Comment Based Help

I recommend using PowerShell comment based help to document your deployment scripts as described on Technet in about_Comment_Based_Help. This makes your scripts self documenting so colleagues can see who wrote it, what it does and examples and parameter usage. Below, … Continue reading

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MDT Powershell: Importing device drivers from organised folders

Below is my import drivers to MDT PowerShell script, also uploaded to the script repository here. My last post focused on creating a driverstore structure. Now it’s time to import your hard work into MDT. This script will import all your … Continue reading

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MDT Scripting: Deleting Registry Keys

A lot has happened since I wrote my articles on MDT Scripting last year. For one thing, I’ve learned how to compile my code in a script block on my blog. Two of my readers have asked about deleting registry … Continue reading

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MDT Scripting: Hello World

This is a simplified version of my Zero-Touch/Lite-Touch scripting guide. MDT Scripts call functions(smaller script routines) from another script called ZTIUtility.vbs. There is a template that takes care of the connections to make life even easier. In short it’s a 2 … Continue reading

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