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Test Lab: Base Configuration – Hydration Kit released.

I’ve released my first Codeplex project today. It’s available at http://testlabhydrationkit.codeplex.com Hydration Kit – Test Lab: Base Configuration for Windows Server 2008 R2 The code is Microsoft Deployment Toolkit standalone media (Hydration Kit) that will configure each of the servers … Continue reading

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Testlab: Test Lab Guides

During the start-up charter of my Scriptimus Ex Machina(yeah, pretentious but I had a plan) it was my intention to create in-depth guides on Test Labs as they are the foundation of all IT, from training to Proof of Concepts. … Continue reading

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Microsoft Certified Training: MCSA upgrade for existing MCITPs

I got a surprising email today entitled: Congratulations on Your Microsoft Certification! Access Your Benefits{~12345678:1~} I found this very odd indeed especially as I haven’t taken any exams recently. It was preceded by another email which said: Hello! Soon you … Continue reading

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TestLab: Network Design

When creating a test environment, one needs to spend some time pondering the design in order to avoid potential problems. One past networking issue I had was getting the internet into my labs without bleeding DHCP from my servers into … Continue reading

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TestLab: Setting up the hardware

So far in my TestLab I’ve purchased a HP N40L MicroServer and installed VMWare hypervisor ESXi 5. The purpose of this is to continue my IT training from my home Office at a low budget. This what my setup looks … Continue reading

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