MDT 2010: BGInfo in WinPE

One thing that I always wanted was to get a BGInfo background in WindowsPE during my Lite-Touch deployments. I did it a while back during a phase of testing when I just wanted to start-up a PC and see if it had obtained an IP address etc. Plus, I wanted to see the MAC Address and UUID without having to run scripts or WMIC every time. Anyway, it looks like this:

UPDATE: There is an x64 version of BGInfo now in MDT 2012 this tip can be replicated for both architectures. To do this for x86, you’ll need to create the following:

  • An ‘Extra Files’ folder in your DeploymentShare
  • A *.BGI customised background for use in Windows PE.
  • a custom Unattend.XML to call the commands


  1. Create a folder called ‘ExtraFiles’ in your deployment share.
  2. Next, create a folder called Windows with a subfolder called System32 beneath it.
  3. In the Deployment Workbench, Right-Click on the Deployment Share and select properties. Then click on the Windows PE x86 Settings Tab
  4. In the Windows PE Customizations section browse to the ExtraFiles folder

Customised BGInfo

  1. Boot into your LiteTouchPE_x86 environment
  2. Press F8 to open a command prompt
  3. Type Z:\Tools\x86\BGInfo.exe (or copy it to the x:drive to run it faster)
  4. Customise your desktop background and save it to Z:\ExtraFiles\Windows\System32


  1. Open Windows System Image Manager and select a DeploymentShare
  2. Then select a Windows Image
  3. Then create a New AnswerFile

  4. Add the following settings to the Answer File in the WindowsPE configuration Pass

Microsoft-Windows-Setup | Display


Microsoft-Windows-Setup | RunSynchronous | RunSynchronousCommand

Description=Set Background

Path=Bginfo.exe Win_PE.bgi /silent /timer:0 /NOLICPROMPT

Description=Lite Touch PE
Path=wscript.exe X:\Deploy\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf

5.  Save the file as z:\ExtraFiles\Unattend.XML

Finally, copy BGInfo.exe to z:\ExtraFiles\Windows\System32\ and update the deployment share to recreate the LiteTouchPE_x86.wim


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14 Responses to MDT 2010: BGInfo in WinPE

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  2. Jean Doyon says:

    Thanks! Great tip!


  3. Neal says:

    Following these instructions work for me, however when the BGinfo runs the IP stack has not been initialized I guess because my IP Address is (None) and my Default Gateway is
    But as soon as the Litetouch starts running, I can F8 and do a IPConfig and see that I now have an IP address. What part did I miss here?


  4. joezeppy412e says:

    I ended up putting in a sleep.vbs script that pretty much does nothing but
    wscript.sleep 10000

    Annoying, but I couldn’t make it work any other way.


  5. Alex says:

    I have managed to get this working as I want but the only thing that isn’t working is the background. I have made a custom background image for use with our MDT Deployment but as soon as the BGInfo displays, the background is removed and changed to a black background. I am wanting to get the information that BGInfo displays to display over my custom wallpaper. Can this be done?


  6. Jeff says:

    What are the steps for using x64 version of bginfo64.exe?


    • Pretty much the same as the x86. If you are using the x64 build then the xml file architecture is different. Other than that it’s just the file name that’s different.


      • Jeff says:

        I have atempted several times but I keep getting command prompt window and the process holds there and goes no futher. I have not been asked for credentials.


      • You will have to make sure that your boot image and xml files are all x64. email me your xml file, Ill check it for errors.


  7. Chandan says:

    @Jeff – use bginfo64.exe in your unattend.xml


  8. Fry says:

    I tried but I have the same problem as Jeff.
    For x64 i have create a sysWOW64 files and change in order 1 to bginfo64.exe


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